How Does A & E Autos 4 The Needy Work?

Vehicle Donated

A vehicle is donated to our organization in the hopes of providing affordable, reliable transportation to an individual in need.

Multi-Point Inspection

A thorough, multi-point inspection is performed to see what repairs / services would be necessary to ensure the vehicle is in prime running condition and whether or not the vehicle is worth repairing.

Call For Donations

Once the vehicle is deemed worth repairing, the total amount necessary to repair the vehicle is calculated and a Donations Fund is added to our web site and to Go Fund Me.

Repairs Performed

Once the Donation Goal has been met, our sister company, A & E Auto Repair, begins performing all repairs necessary to get the vehicle into prime running condition.

Recipient Chosen / Vehicle Given

Now that repairs have been performed and the vehicle is ready to go, a recipient is chosen from our list of applicants and the vehicle is given to them.

Discounted Maintenance & Services

Our sister company, A & E Auto Repair, will provide ongoing discounted services and repairs to ensure that the vehicle is kept in prime running condition.

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